Monthly Archives: March 2012

Welcome to ASATA’s Blog

In mid-March it seems inappropriate to extend my wishes to you for a happy year ahead, but unfortunately no one warned me about the way in which this year was to begin and only now am I able to lift my head and introduce you to my new blog.   Yes, we at ASATA are joining the ranks of the social media contributors and have launched into the Tweeting, Facebooking and Blogging goings-on.

In 2011, I exercised every bit of restraint and chose not to send out my ‘long-winded’ newsletters as I thought you might have had enough to read.  We chose to keep you informed via our bulk mail notifications but I must say that it is evident that we are missing out on a good opportunity to communicate with you and keep you informed.

Having taken my tongue out of my cheek…the truth is, writing a newsletter is time consuming and takes great effort and quite frankly the year ran away with me and I ended up playing constant catch up, but 2012 has promised to be different.

“Chicken or Beef? Musings of the ASATA CEO” seemed like an interesting catch phrase for the Association blog and we will use this forum to communicate with you.  I cannot promise that each Friday you will receive an update from me, but I can promise that whilst irregular, it will be more forthcoming and will be the chance for you to respond directly.

We will not replace the industry advisory notes we send out via our bulk mail facility but I will update you on industry issues and the ASATA position on those issues.  The blog is also open to a more public domain, which must always be remembered.

I am excited and always looking for content so let me know what it is you would like us to research and fill you in on.  But please remember, your feedback is so important for us, so no matter how big or small, clever or silly you think it may seem to you – to us it is a story!