travel agents

Cutting through the Internet clutter…

Another interesting article about the role travel agents play in helping consumers cut the clutter features this week in the trade press…

This time it’s an Australian retail agency group’s managing director saying consultants must continue to adapt and change the way they interact with their clients if they are to keep up with the “fast changing nature of the travel industry”.

We are repeatedly told that consumers are suffering from an information overload as a result of researching travel online, highlighting the ongoing importance of the role consultants can play in filtering through the masses of content and navigating consumers through it. Consumers, says the article, are becoming “confused” as to what they really want.

Attention to detail, concludes the article, is perhaps even more important now than it has ever been given how many consumers tend to research their destination or activity first and these people are extremely knowledgeable about the ‘big picture’.

What do you think? Are they on the money?